This interview-style podcast featuring Mack Sundaram is presented by Brian Burns, a widely known podcaster, writer and sales leader. In this episode, Mack and Brian talk about the #1 superpower of great sales people – the ability to judge. Not about judging people but about knowing what to spend your time on and which deals to focus on to maximize sales performance. We all know that the judgement skill would require sales people years (and years) to master. How are you going to develop the skill? Through training? By following other sales peoples’ judgement? How about using RainmakerForce Sales AI that is built on millions of B2B sales opportunity records. Listen to this episode on THE BRUTAL TRUTH ABOUT B2B SALES & SELLING – Get the #1 superpower of top performers in B2B sales.

Case study - Sales Force Optimization

RainmakerForce helped a major telecom service company allocate their sales force across multiple industries, product lines and geographic areas in the most optimal way.
31% increase in reps as "producers"; 23% of team attained "Club"
  • (a) Increase account penetration by 18.2% in 3 quarters
  • (b) 21.7% increase in lead conversion, $3.6M in net new MRR

Sales Productivity Calculator

How much more revenue can your sales team produce with the same resources? What it would look like if your team is optimally allocated the right deals and maximizes selling time? Use this Sales Productivity Calculator created from millions of reps’ data to see how much more your current team can do with RainmakerForce technology.

Tell us a little about your team. Measure the best performance your reps can deliver!

How to Win in the Perfect
Storm of B2B Sales

This interview-style podcast featuring Mack Sundaram is presented by Brian Burns, a widely known podcaster, writer and sales leader. In this episode, Mack identifies common mistakes C-Suite leaders make and how those are producing sales results difficult. He also shares a “mutual close” technique to recalibrate deals, to navigate “prospect-driven” selling processes and how to 10X results. After listening to this podcast, you want to get up and start reinventing your sales pipeline in the rapidly changing, twisting and turning sales environment – the perfect storm of B2B sales.

Why your renewal rate is NOT growing in 2018

RainmakerForce turns renewal sales into a science. Companies instantly determine which specific actions motivate buying and also whether any given customer is likely to renew, is on the fence and if they can be influenced. Reps can reach out to customers with the right messages with the right offer and at the right time systematically...

Sales Freakonomics: Are you afraid of success or afraid of failure?

Did you know that people not only fear the bad, but also the good? If you were asked, as a salesperson, what scares you more, you’d say “fear of the bad.” That’s logical. However, it so happens that salespeople aren’t actually aware that they fear the good also, and there certainly back it up! Let’s start by asking what you fear, success or failure? In a study...

Here’s another 27% revenue to improve your End-of-Quarter numbers!

There is no free lunch in life. You already know this! But since you are reading this, you also are an executive leader who understands the costs of revenue and are sensitive to gross vs. net margins. Now, let me ask, are you aware of the costs involved when your reps are in a Quarter-end push to hit their numbers?

Letter to a sales leader: Think…
Show me the Moxie!

How many, “The 8 sales actions you need to take…,” “Top 6 sales best practices…,” “The 5 sales metrics you must have…” and so on have you read? Let’s be honest. Are there are only so many things to do to become different or successful or better? Is life so simple and someone has figured it out? Who are we kidding! We read these articles because they are...

The 3P’s you ought to know in sales

This article is titled: The three most important P’s in sales that every Salesperson ought to know. However, the title could have easily been, “The...

Selling is not B2B. It is and is always one-on-one

Selling is a one-on-one interaction Creating or generating a sale is a matter of how much you have learned about your prospect, how they perceive...

The 8-best Sales Questions to ask Customers

As a sales professional, you know that you must ask effective, open-ended questions when speaking to prospects. It is the only way you can get...

Ask for the Order!

Asking for the order is the same as closing. If you aren’t asking for anything, you are not closing. Without the close, there is no sale. Selling is persuading, not just convincing...

Qualify, qualify, qualify… at every stage

BANT: Confirm Budget, Authority, Needs and Timeline Have you BANT-ed your pipeline? If you haven’t done so till now, you are dead in the water!...

Know your customer, Know how to sell!

If you aren’t using Google or some search engine to find out more information about your prospect before you speak with them, say goodbye to...

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