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Want a Sales CRM to get deals moving?

Liberate yourself from these challenging sales situations

Sales CRM Deals
Deals getting stalled because the customer couldn't move forward
Even deals where customers commit verbally don’t close when expected
Sales CRM Traditional CRM
Traditional CRMs don't show which deals need your attention and the steps to close
Forecasting with your gut, no verifiable data to back it up

“Don’t waste selling time in mundane follow-ups and busywork. RainmakerForce Sales CRM will present you a prioritized list of deals with steps to close and that show how far your customer is from purchase.”

RainmakerForce: The only Sales CRM for reps to light-up and engage customers

Automatic Deal Prioritization

The Daily Playbook: Insights on which deals to prioritize

  • Shows which deals you need to spend your time on
  • Recommends next steps
  • Predicts whether deals are winnable
  • Generated in real-time

Your playbook is exactly what it is… your sales playbook on which deals to work on at any time. The Playbook is automatically tailored for your pipeline and quota attainment and guides you every single step of the way.

See which customers are most serious about Purchase

No subjectivity, build deals directly with customer purchase signals Fully transparent and verifiable

  • No guesswork or busywork needed. Get automated opportunity management entirely
  • 100% transparent: See exactly where your customer is and which deals will close
  • RainmakerForce will ensure you message your value consistently to every customer
  • Get forecasts enriched with customers' answers to unanswered questions
  • Predictive: See now how your pipeline will be perform in future

How RainmakerForce helps you get customers to move with you

Sales Questions
Use built-in
sales questions
Emails prospects
Send targeted sales
emails to prospects
Engage Prospects
Light-up and
engage prospects

1. Proven sales questions that make your wins repeatable

Proven sales

Rinse and repeat wins simply: Built-in sales questions to move deals systematically

Manage deals with your company’s value creation with built-in sales questions in every opportunity. You can customize these questions for your sales style, product or service, and your competition. Sales questions change by stage and are dynamically presented to keep you always moving deals forward.

2. Engage with sales emails and templates

Send and receive emails right from RainmakerForce for every deal

See how engaged your customer is by tracking which emails have been opened

Engage sales

3. See who is most engaged and how high customer engagement drives more wins

Customer Engagement

Path to Win every deal… presented front-and-center

Your every action engineered to target the right deals

Right Deals

RainmakerForce analyzes your customer’s purchase signals and your sales efforts and recommends the exact Path to Win every deal. Save time in guesswork and get deals closing at maximum performance!

Don’t worry about where your data is…we have your back!

RainmakerForce organizes all your Leads, Contacts, Accounts and Opportunities neatly

RainmakerForce Organizes

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Be one of them

Here are results from our customers that use RainmakerForce Sales CRM

Bigger Average

17.7% bigger avg. deal sizes, no increase in selling costs

Increased Performance

Increased performance to quota plan, 28% more cross-selling

Decreased discounting

Decreased discounting
by 22%

Decreased discounting

Avg.12.6% more revenue
every quarter

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