Streamline Deal Prioritization & Closes with a simple app

77.2% of deals with verified customers inputs closed at equal or higher than expected deal sizes.

See how to improve close rates with real customer targets. No guessing or sandbagging. RainmakerForce’s goal is to provide the customer intel you can rely on immediately for the fastest ROI without changing existing systems and processes.

No subjectivity, build deals directly with customer purchase signals
Fully transparent and verifiable

  • True data means no guesswork in your pipeline. RainmakerForce makes Sales an open book.
  • 100% transparent: See exactly where your customer is and which deals will close
  • Consistent Messaging: Every rep messages your value to customers in the exact same way
  • Verifiable Forecasting: Inputs from your customers verify commits & avoid forecasting variance
  • Predictive: See now how your pipeline will be perform in future

Your every action engineered to target the right deals

Get your sluggish sales funnel supercharged on steroids

RainmakerForce supercharges and automates sales execution (using your CRM)

  • See your live pipeline and check its health
  • See how your customers perceive your value-selling
  • Check where funnel leakages occur
  • Minimize forecasting variance

Re-create Wins as a repeatable process: Built-in sales questions to move deals systematically

Have your team manage deals with your company’s standard value creation with built-in sales questions in every opportunity. Questions are custom-made for the kind of product or service you sell and your competitive marketplace. Sales questions are dynamically presented based on your opportunity situation.

Automatically Measure, Track & Ensure Deal Closes

Measuring Value Made Easy

Measuring and managing value creation with customers has never been faster with the ability to visualize how each deal measures up to customer expectations, long before the close.

Getting prospects to confirm that your solution matches their expectations is cumbersome and subjective. RainmakerForce Sales Intel solves that problem. It gives you a powerful application that measures how close (or far) your team is from customer expectations and predicting which deals will close.

Boost the value of your solutions to customers before you sell

See what your customers are thinking with powerful 1-minute surveys

Be one of them

Here are results from our customers that might just help convince you:

17.7% bigger avg. deal sizes, no increase in selling costs

Increased performance to quota plan, 28% more cross-selling

Decreased discounting
by 22%

Avg.12.6% more revenue
every quarter

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