Make bold decisions with Predictive Scorecard

Consistently measure, manage and predict pipeline performance

See below the iceberg. Give your team an automated tool to measure how they’re executing to your expectations

Predictive Scorecard is an industry-proven balanced view of pipeline health that helps sales leaders measure and predict how well their team is executing deals, using a consistent standard of truth

What is Predictive Scorecard?

The art and science of Sales are complex. Our science-based methodology allows you to understand what your sales team can or cannot do long before issues become serious problems. Drive your team's success, and achieve your sales numbers objectives faster and with more assurance ever before.

See your team’s balanced Predictive Scorecard in real-time during the sales process.

Build assured predictable revenue before your forecast

See what your pipelines truly look like with no subjectivity or sandbagging

Automatically measure & ensure consistent predictable Sales execution

Consistent Sales Execution Made Easy

Measuring and managing consistent sales messaging and execution with sales teams has never been faster with the ability to visualize how pipelines measure up to your expectations, long before the close.

Know which deals will close

Getting your account execs or reps to evaluate their own pipelines is subjective and contradictory. RainmakerForce Predictive Scorecard solves that problem. It gives you a powerful application that measures how “good” your pipeline is in real-time and saves you time and effort that is better spent on strategic and tactical customer issues.

Streamline & predict revenue with a simple app

More than 50.7% of selling time is spent on manually checking & validating your sales pipeline for reliability, strength and forecast assurance.

See how a real-time Predictable Scorecard saves valuable time and returns correct insights into wins without guessing or sandbagging.

Predictive Scorecard To Win
  • Proactively evaluate and confirm pipeline performance
  • Focus your attention on the right deals that are likely to close
  • Assess customers who are likely to close or those on the fence
  • Ensure measurable value creation in your sales process

How you get a predictive team scorecard at any time during the sales process

Connect your
CRM to RainmakerForce

RainmakerForce runs rigorous reliability & strength checks on every rep’s pipeline at different sales stages

You get a full predictive scorecard within 24-48 hours

100% Customizable Predictive Pipeline Reliability

RainmakerForce gives you 100% control over your pipeline checkpoints, including product-level, team, territory or channel.

Knowing the strength & capability of your sales pipeline well-in-advance is key to success in sales. The best way to ensure revenue assurance is to know how good your pipeline is, and how much it can deliver before the forecast. Use RainmakerForce Predictive Scorecard to understand how you'll win, see the gaps in revenue attainment, and what your team is doing well (or isn’t).

Be one of them

Here are results from our customers that might just help convince you:

2-3x increase in selling time by avoiding cumbersome manual checks on sales pipelines

21% decrease in 1:1 meetings to uncover deal problems & missing numbers

38.2% increase in forecast accuracy at the rep, team and territory level

Avg.12.6% more revenue
every quarter

Ready to see high assurance and predictable sales?
See how the world's best sales teams use RainmakerForce to improve sales effectiveness and close rates

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