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See how much more revenue your sales can produce with the same resources using Sales AI (and the potential downside of waiting)

Sales Productivity - How does your sales team stack up?

What does your pipeline look like when it's maximized future sales of the same budget and resource? Tell us a little about your team. Let the Sales Productivity Calculator show the impact of your investment and deliver outstanding results, find out if you're leaving money on the table.

Sales Productivity
Sales Productivity1. Tell us about your team
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Your deals will be always verified by customers. RainmakerForce can help you address the value gap between customer expectations and your sales promise during the sales process. Customer value verification will find out what customers looking for from your sales team - the ultimate sales intel for all of your reps!
RainmakerForce proactively evaluates pipeline for risks and reliability. Each sales stage has 12 different evaluation criteria and the result is presented in an "easy-to-understand" heat map. The ultimate pipeline health check - see your live pipeline and check where funnel leakages occur.
With RainmakerForce, forecasting is not only accurate but fortified: See customers' buying signals to confirm whether deals are dead or alive. Allow sales teams to recover revenue and increase quota attainment. Each forecast is automatically checked with historical data. No more "guess-casting" your forecast. Our customers dramatically increase forecast accuracy within two quarters.
Built-in (proven) “script” to close deals. Consistent Messaging: Every rep messages your value to customers in the exact same way.

What your Team can deliver when they're fully maximized

Current performance
Average "Lead to Opportunity" Conversion
Average "Opportunity to Close" Conversion
Total deals per month
Forecasting accuracy
Total Sales
Potential performance
$ Recovered
By leveraging RainmakerForce's Customer value verification feature, reps know how customers see your product's value and the best leads to pursue from the get-go. Increase "Lead to Opportunity' conversion at least by 10%.
With RainmakerForce's Predictive scorecard, sales is fully transparent, predictable, data-driven. Reps get a systematic recipe to focus on the right deals. Increase "Opportunity to Close" conversion at least by 5% within a quarter.
Experience the peak team performance with RainmakerForce - No subjectivity with Sales data, build deals directly with customer purchase signals.
Get a complete picture of current and future sales - By instantly seeing hard commits, upsides and predictive pipeline, examining whether customer behaviors correlate with sales, and determining which product margins are blocking quota attainment, sales leaders increase forecast accuracy with RainmakerForce by 5% and more.
Sales teams manage pipelines & forecasts scientifically to maximize current & future sales on the same budget. RainmakerForce’s brand promise is to increase sales yield by helping you manage your sales organization in a structured, predictable way.

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