The Ultimate Sales Intel - Answers to your most difficult sales issues, backed with data

Measure customer expectations before closing deals

Customer Expectation
Your Sales Value & Promise
Customer Perception
Mind the gap. Give your team a tool to make sure they’re on the same page as customers.

Ultimate Sales Intel is an industry-proven online (& mobile) survey that helps sales team see how their sales solution matches customer expectations before deals close.

What is Ultimate Sales Intel?

The art and science of Sales are complex. Our science-based methodology allows you to understand what customers expect before purchasing from you so that you can ensure alignment, drive your team's success, and achieve your sales numbers objectives faster than you ever thought possible.

Hear unfiltered feedback directly from customers during sales process.

Boost the value of your solutions to customers before you sell

See what your customers are thinking with powerful 1-minute surveys

Automatically Measure, Track & Ensure Deal Closes

Measuring Value Made Easy

Measuring and managing value creation with customers has never been faster with the ability to visualize how each deal measures up to customer expectations, long before the close.

Getting prospects to confirm that your solution matches their expectations is cumbersome and subjective. RainmakerForce Sales Intel solves that problem. It gives you a powerful application that measures how close (or far) your team is from customer expectations and predicting which deals will close.

Streamline Deal Prioritization & Closes with a simple app

77.2% of deals with verified customers inputs closed at equal or higher than expected deal sizes.

See how to improve close rates with real customer targets. No guessing or sandbagging. RainmakerForce’s goal is to provide the customer intel you can rely on immediately for the fastest ROI without changing existing systems and processes.

The Ultimate Sales Intel
  • What problem points are your customers looking to solve?
  • Increase sales by at least 9.1% more without any new systems.
  • Avoid losing expensive leads just by missing the right customer questions
  • Get every rep deal from Prospecting to "Sign me up"

How you get unfiltered feedback directly from customers during the sales process

Connect your CRM or upload list of prospects you want to hear from

RainmakerForce sends secure 1-minute surveys to every prospect at different sales stages

You get customer value perception data within a week

100% Customizable Sales Survey

RainmakerForce gives you 100% control over your survey design, including value selling questions, question types, and how you reach your audience.

Knowing your customer's decision factors is key to success in sales. The best way to acquire new customers is to know what they are looking for before you sell to them. Use RainmakerForce Ultimate Sales Intel to understand how you'll win, why you're different, and what your customers are looking for before they buy from you.

Be one of them

Here are results from our customers that might just help convince you:

17.7% bigger avg. deal sizes, no increase in selling costs

Increased performance to quota plan, 28% more cross-selling

Decreased discounting
by 22%

Avg.12.6% more revenue
every quarter

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