Accurate forecasting for any sales team… structured, consistent & verifiable with data
Forecasting is complex, and sales people need do it to achieve numbers month over month. Ironically, no one trains them on how to do it accurately though they are held accountable to forecasts by executive management. Worse, CRMs enable forecasting but we all know that deals are merely grouped into Commits without any data to assure us that those deals will close. When forecasts are missed, all hell breaks loose and forces sales managers to sandbag the next time. This loose method for something that is so important just makes no sense.

RainmakerForce Forecaster makes forecasting structured, consistent and
data-driven every time.

Get your sales forecasts done intuitively, without errors and backed by data. No more “guess-casting”

With RainmakerForce, forecasting is not only accurate but fortified:

  • Customer deal and purchase verification show which deals are assured (will close)
  • Sales teams can explicitly commit deals, recover revenue & increase quota attainment
  • Before submission, automatically get forecasts checked with historical data
  • No-miss forecasts: See anomalies red-flagged in advance
  • Forecasts intuitively and clearly roll up the org chain, all the way to the C-level

“The problem with forecasting is not because of your sales team. The problem is unverified deal data and poor technology that cannot tease out the truth.”

See how Forecaster enables structured, consistent and data-driven forecasting

Forecasts done any which way you want – product, team, or manager-level

"What is your future performance on the best-selling and high-margin products?
How much is the team not cross-selling?
How do the team’s forecast compare historically?"
Forecaster creates forecasts commits by product line, business segment, sales team, sales type or any other way
  • Accelerate sales performance with historical comparisons
  • Configure & get notified on forecast changes by anyone in the team
  • See which products sell more, which add-ons are appealing and more likely to sell
  • Examine whether customer behaviors correlate with products or value-selling weaknesses
  • Get data on which kinds of teams (or reps) do better at selling certain products
  • Determine which product margins are blocking quota attainment

Get started with structured, consistent and accurate sales forecasting
See how the world's best sales teams use RainmakerForce to improve sales effectiveness and close rates

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Forecasting done simply, accurately and backed with data – Make bold decisions with confidence

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