We honor those who stand against all odds and believe they can change the world for the better. Sales itself is our passion, mission & customer and we strive to show that value in everything we do

Helping Sales drive revenue smartly with predictability, assurance and no blind spots

Sales iconWe believe in using technology and data science to help salespeople excel in sales month over month. Our vision is to help every company do Sales brilliantly as a no-guesswork science, as much as Sales is an art form!

The RainmakerForce Story

Sales iconAs reps, we started a “sales lab” around 2005 to figure out the most effective ways to generate revenue, remove uncertainty from quota retirement and become the best trusted advisers for customers. The lab was the office cubicle, a safe space to think and experiment, when not in meetings. Over the course of a decade and while working at the world’s best companies, we learned how they succeeded and we put together a living/growing “methodology” (cheat-sheet) on achieving all those three objectives in the same 24 hours that everyone gets. Then, while working in Sales Operations and Execution, we saw the forest through the trees better. We learned from every opportunity or problem we faced and kept tweaking that methodology till it started working really well.

When any lingering doubts remained that it might not always work in every kind of customer situation, we talked to other sales professionals we respected– reps, managers, directors, executive leaders –about how they did it in their areas: failures, successes and their learnings. We also did industry research from top producers, trainers, consultants, and coaches to make sure our learnings were practical, realistic and proven.

Our Values

We honor those who stand against all odds and have the moxie to create success by changing the world for the better. That, in and of itself, is our core value and we strive to show it in everything we offer. We now have the privilege of selling Sales to salespeople and we take that really seriously.

In everything we do, we think big and love to solve big problems. We demonstrate that by figuring out smart & effective ways to make sales happen. If we weren’t salespeople ourselves, it would be difficult for us to respect where you come from and add true value to you. While you will see Sales Excellence in every interaction with us, we promise to keep learning and striving to earn your respect and trust.

What you can expect when you work with us

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Doing Sales right, doing Sales well

We are not afraid to challenge anything, nor do we fear success or failure. Our goal is to do whatever it takes and however long it takes to do Sales right and do it well. We learn from sales successes and failures alike and want to bring that honest say-it-like-it-is moxie to learn from you, support you and challenge you to keep pushing the boundaries.
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Sales learnings from the best sales machines and the toughest customer situations

Our products and services are a living and growing embodiment of what “big” companies have researched, tried, tested and could afford. Through technology and SaaS, we can make it possible in your company without breaking the bank or ignoring your timelines.
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Continuous innovation

The practice of Sales is always changing and we need to too. We challenge ourselves to make our own product features obsolete with every new innovation we make. This keeps us honest and always ahead in an industry that has tough competitors. It is also our way of leveling the playing field, getting you the biggest bang for your buck AND stacking the deck in your favor by giving you our edge.

Sales is never one-size-fits-all. So, we built RainmakerForce to accommodatewe built RainmakerForce to accommodate any kind of sale – new logos, renewals and channel (indirect) – and to run on any CRM technology. And because we trust in data, we also ensure that our product delivers verifiable outcomes for you.

Join us to light-up your sales pipelines, eliminate guesswork and get 100 % transparency in every activity– opportunity management, pipeline management, forecasting, one-click CPQ, contracts and e-signature and even full CRM actions.

If you are the kind of person who likes full control and believes that Sales is the holy grail for your business, do not hesitate to call on us!

RainmakerForce In Action
Our success has been driven by our customers' passion for smart selling
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