CRM Doesn’t Drive Sales: RainmakerForce Sales Technology AI Revolutionizes Forecast Management And Revenue Recovery

November 10, 2017 08:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–RainmakerForce, a San Francisco-based sales technology company introduces full-stack Sales Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help companies accelerate forecast attainment and recover lost revenue from the sales funnel.

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Many sales organizations use CRM along with a myriad of other tools with the goal of increasing sales. “At RainmakerForce, we believe in challenging status-quo that CRM tools will help increase sales,” states Mack Sundaram, CEO and President. “CRM is built for ‘customer relationships,’ meaning those who have already signed contracts. Salespeople deal with ‘prospects’ (buyers who haven’t signed up yet) and work to convert them into customers. Therefore, using CRM to expect sales with prospects is just contradictory.”

RainmakerForce uses buyer behavior data to create verifiable sales pipelines that would not fail forecast commits. The technology is a sales accelerator Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) that uses machine-learning to eliminate subjectivity from deals, forecasts and revenue attainment. It observes the behavior of prospects in the buying process and automatically identifies the most-likely winnable deals to increase velocity through the funnel. Importantly, it constantly measures and tracks when, where and how much of revenue gets left on the table. This uniqueness gives sales leaders full transparency into their teams’ forecasts, to manage lost revenue and quickly uncover problems in revenue generation – hunting, renewals, farming or channel. “By laser-focusing on must-win deals and tracking forecast commits to recoverable revenue, we help impel sales teams to stay on top of creating revenue and not resort to increasing investments. Our mission is to build teams of rainmakers for our customers,” notes Sundaram.

RainmakerForce started as a “sales lab” in the mid-2000’s when a group of seasoned sales veterans, including Sundaram, put “challenger ideas” in motion in billion-dollar Tech companies they worked at. The goal was to find ways of turning lost revenue into sales wins. While he and others road-tested their methods over a decade, they also refined them with “field inputs” from expert rainmakers across industries– those who could create revenue success against impossible odds. By supplanting conventional sales wisdom on quota-carrying reps and sales leaders alike, the group saw remarkable consistency and promise in driving revenue creation with their contrarian thinking.

Since 2015, this versatile and rigorous data-driven methodology has been served up as RainmakerForce, an easy-to-use SaaS technology augmented with AI and a massive data backbone. By eliminating guesswork and opinions from selling, the technology has worked swimmingly over time, across products, services and industries in every sales context – both B2B and B2C. Sundaram adds, “We help sales organizations fully grasp their revenue span and transform them from revenue-seekers to revenue creators. At RainmakerForce, everything we do is to challenge conventions and flip them inside out. Why not use programmatic data to increase the good, decrease the not-so-good and make teams of rainmakers? We are charged up to show sales teams what they can do, with the right data, actions and at the right time!”

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About RainmakerForce

RainmakerForceSales Acceleration is a Software-as-a-Service that equips sales teams with real-time high-integrity deal pipelines built directly from every Prospect engagement. It synthesizes ever-changing deal information into actions for reps and leaders to increase top-line growth month-over-month. With RainmakerForce, sales professionals can immediately put rainmaker sales methodologies into practice, reveal areas of revenue loss and prepare verifiable forecast commitments across direct and channel sales, under a single pane of glass. Sales professionals from small, medium and large teams – including ones with thousands of channel partners– rely on RainmakerForce to close revenue gaps and generate consistent attainment. Learn more at

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