Sales issues our customers are solving with RainmakerForce AI
Sales time is spent on deals as if all cutomers are equally serious and ready to purchase
Even deals where customers commit verbally don’t close when expected
CRMs don’t tell you which deals can close faster or the steps to close gaps with customers
Forecasting is done using gut-feel and by comparing with past numbers
Math-based AI to maximize sales for any effort: convert more, close more every time

Making sales go right, from the ground up

RainmakerForce is a revolutionary technology that shows you which customers in your pipeline are ready to purchase. It maximizes lead conversion for by giving you powerful built-in sales questions you can use to identify gaps with customers, close them specifically and move deals forward in every customer interaction.

Artificial Intelligence predictions from hundreds of thousands of sales activities guide you on where to spend your time and be effective in converting & closing deals. Using the power of automation and predictive analytics, any quota-carrying salesperson or sales teams entirely can maximize sales without any new effort, busy-work or guesswork.

How RainmakerForce helps you maximize sales with or without CRM
  • AI calculates the likelihood of closing based on how serious your customer is
  • AI enriches deals with insights on your customer's path to close (to augment your path to close)
  • You get a prioritized mix of deals that you should spend time on + gaps you need to close
  • You move deals faster with built-in “sales questions” for every sales stage
Direct customer expectations captured in every deal

Measuring and managing value creation with customers has never been faster with the ability to visualize how each deal measures up to customer expectations, long before the close.

Getting prospects to confirm that your solution matches their expectations is cumbersome and subjective. RainmakerForce gives you a powerful application that measures how close (or far) your team is from customer expectations and predicting which deals will close.

See how to close every deal from your customers’ view

RainmakerForce works standalone or on any CRM. It uses AI and math to make sales go right consistently

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