Make next steps easy, with what your customer actually said in sales conversations

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Drive the right results with visuals of all customer touches

  • Spend sales time where it counts - See what type of conversations drive revenue
  • Automatically track what works or doesn’t work in your sales calls
  • See how your words to customers help close deals
  • Build strong customer relationships by knowing what resonates with them

Make every sales conversation easy & meaningful

So, what do you get with Sonorous?

Peace of mind if you missed anything – You’ll have audio recordings of every call
And… all of this for every member in your team
Freedom from taking notes – Full transcripts of every call are automatically available
30-second catch up on what counts – Visuals of a single conversations, or all conversations together
Everything in one place – History & analytics for every call, text and email with any customer
Insights on what works & what doesn’t – Analytics on all customer touchpoints

True Customer 360° view for sales, from sales

Visual conversation analytics at your fingertips

Meaningful sales conversations automatically recorded and analyzed. Get your team better prepared for every customer interaction. Gain more selling time with customers by automating CRM updates of every call activity.

See which customer conversation mattered, and why

Provide feedback on specific calls by reviewing frequently used words both by customers and reps. Help your reps learn from high-performing peers on similar topics.