All sales activities in one place

  • Make & receive calls
  • Send & get texts
  • Get call recordings & transcriptions
  • Stay in touch with everyone with automatic reminders

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Build trust with your customers, drive more sales

Your own number to reach out any which way

Make & receive calls & texts from the browser, phone, tablet… any device

Recordings & visuals of every call

See & review every communication you’ve had with every customer

Never lose touch, with automatic reminders

Automate keeping in touch with anyone (no need to remember)

All communications in one place… meetings, calls, texts, emails

Make conversations relevant and meaningful

Quickly see what any call was about, what mattered to them.  Our visual picture is literally made from a thousand words

All calls and texts in one place.  Instantly get full transcripts, listen to any call recording, review anything you missed

No physical phone needed.  Get your own private phone number.  Call from your browser or any device

Get calls automatically updated into Salesforce.  Proudly show your activity, without any manual updates

Light up customer relationships

Get your own unique phone number to call and text customers
Communicate with anyone using the same number from any device
Get full recordings, transcriptions and visuals of every call and text
Never miss a call! Incoming calls routed to your phone automatically
Send & receive work emails (along with calls & texts) – all in one place
Automatic Reminders: Set follow-ups reminders on a cadence (manual or automatic)

Call Visuals: See the visual to get caught up, avoid note-taking

Easily see what your contact cares about with call visuals. Show them you listen to everything they say. How do I answer my contact’s “what’s in it for me?” right away:

  • “Wait! I am a visual thinker! ” -> That’s why you’d appreciate the visual
  • Spend less time preparing for customer meetings
  • I can get to the point and show them I listened
  • Disconnects with your contact? No worries! You have a recording & transcript of every call

Build valuable relationships with customers

  • Speed up prospecting with multi-channel sales activities (phone, text, email, reminders)
  • Increase engagement and light up inactive contacts. Follow up with timely messages
  • Identify what drives trust & sales success, find new areas of opportunity

Easy sales automation

Easy sales automation

  • Everything in one place… means, working easier and faster with automation
  • Regular touches with automatic reminder campaigns
  • Simply click! No more manual data entry to log calls, notes or any other activity

No setup fees. Use all the time. Cancel anytime.

In all conversations, what has your customer always cared about?    Don’t sweat. It’s not in your CRM!

Sonorous shines the light fully on what customers are saying to your sales (or partner) team. Be it email, meetings, calls or texts, every salesperson can now get it all in simple “visuals”

  • Get all customer touches neatly packaged in one central hub
  • Have everyone in your company work with true data directly from customers
  • Backup with true data, no need to figure it out – See it as a visual

“All in one” communications hub – No tech knowledge needed

  • Get new phone numbers for work – for just you or everyone you work with.
  • No physical phone or porting your number
  • No IT help needed – Get setup in minutes
  • Connect to your CRM if needed with a simple click
  • Connect Gmail (corporate email only) any time and get all customer emails as easy visuals

Sonorous is 100% Internet based. Runs on a computer, smartphone or tablet

Sonorous simply grows sales!   It sits on your existing CRM.