Retain more donors. Communicate more effectively.

Sonorous is a powerful communications tool that is rooted in the driving a mission. Just as we believe in those who stand against all odds to make the world better, we focus on giving you tools that will truly move the needle for your organization. Whether you’re a brand new, one-person shop or an established organization with an existing fundraising engine, Sonorous can help your organization grow!

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Find more major gift prospects. Know how your donors feel about you.

Get more results when you work with donors & constituents

Communications tools that help you build and support lasting relationships while saving time on manual efforts, so you can focus on what matters most — your organization's impact.

Looking for donor engagement tools that improves donor engagement AND reduces costs?

Sonorous is built to fit right into your operations and give you the power to increase revenue flexibility and strengthen relationships.

Communications tools (all in the cloud) for nonprofits to amplify your mission

For small to midsize nonprofits, Sonorous helps you manage your fundraising, communications, events, volunteers, and more.

Scalable growth powered by technology

Your mission is to make the world a better place. Let us help get your job done a bit more easily and at low cost. We offer innovative, connected technology for nonprofits at any stage. We’re here to empower the social good to make real, lasting change in the world.

Our software makes a difference

Our tools help you manage the full supporter life cycle, from effective acquisition to ongoing relationship management.
With Sonorous, you can maintain the personal touch that got your stakeholders invested, at scale.

It is more than just engaging better with donors!
It’s a fundraising tool

Remind them about what they care about

Call visuals quickly tell you what you need To remind them about. Show that you care as much as they do. Tell them why it is important to them to act on their commitments

Reduce no-shows

You hate begging donors, and they hate forgetting to send their check. Configure both automatic and manual reminders and avoid missed pledges

Peer to Peer

Change the game for innovative peer-to-peer fundraising. Our tools support community or donor outreach campaigns of all sizes, and furthering your mission with confidence.

Support & Grow

Run engaging virtual fundraising with 1-click meetings, multi-touch communications that encourage more donor and fundraiser adoption