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Key results generated by RainmakerForce

Sales Growth
Sales Growth
  • $36 million cybersecurity company
  • 43% more qualified leads recovered
  • 27.2% increase in YOY revenue
Sales Execution Coaching
Sales Effectiveness
  • $420 million telecom company
  • $3.6 million net new MRR increase
    (in 3 quarters)
Revenue Assurance
Revenue Assurance
  • $58 million tech distributor in ANZ
  • 4.8% increase in renewals revenue
    (in 2 quarters)

Want to get deals moving?
Liberate yourself from these challenging sales situations

Sales CRM Deals
Deals getting stalled because the customer couldn't move forward
Sales CRM Even Deals
Even deals where customers commit verbally don’t close when expected
Sales CRM Traditional CRM
Sales compensation is not driving our expected revenue results. Top 20% of reps bring in most of your revenue?
Sales CRM Forecasting
Forecasting with your gut, no verifiable data to back it up
Sales CRM Win More Deals

Leads not converting? Deals not closing? Reps not performing?

Your team configuration is not aligned to strategy… or your process is not working… or your value is not being seen by your prospects.

We advise, collaborate and help you roll out the right effective changes to get your revenue engine back in supercharged condition! No busywork or guesswork… we know exactly what to fix, how to do it and actually help you do it!

What we do for you

  • We will capture every kind of sales data & analyze your revenue engine
  • 1st Deliverable: Pipeline & Sales Org Health Report
  • 2nd Deliverable: What & how to address issues + blueprint to match your revenue strategy
  • 3rd Deliverable: Get a playbook and our help to make the changes that are needed
  • 4th Deliverable: We re-train/ onboard/ support you & your team… even with comp modeling
  • We can also be your outsourced 'Revenue Ops' team

Get actual data on what your customers expect

RainmakerForce is super cool! We even surveys your customers to answer, right from their mobile phone, to tell you what more they need from you. Imagine having that intel at your fingertips!

Getting prospects to confirm whether your team is providing the right solution to match their expectations need not be cumbersome and subjective. Our services deliver a powerful way to measures how close (or far) your team is from customer expectations and help you see where you are missing the mark!

Value Spider

Outsource to us to be your sales architects.... on any CRM

Contact us about your revenue engine problems
We’d be happy to do an immediate evaluation to get you started!
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