Sales issues our customers are solving with RainmakerForce AI
Sales time is spent on deals as if all cutomers are equally serious and ready to purchase
Even deals where customers commit verbally don’t close when expected
CRMs don’t tell you which deals can close faster or the steps to close gaps with customers
Forecasting is done using gut-feel and by comparing with past numbers

“Don’t waste selling time in following up and admin. Your deals will always be verified, trustworthy and neatly presented to see exactly where the customer is and the next steps needed for close.”

Speed up sales with pipelines pre-checked for risks & reliability

  • Proactively evaluate and confirm pipeline performance
  • Focus your attention on the right deals that are likely to close
  • Assess customers who are likely to close or those on the fence
  • Ensure measurable value creation in your sales process

“Which deals will close this month? Which will slip?”

“I've sent out quotes and customers go dark. How do I get them back to the table?”

Solve your Forecasting problems with verified & confirmed Commits

No more “guess-casting” your forecast

With RainmakerForce, forecasting is not only accurate but fortified:

  • Customers’ buying signals show whether deals are dead or alive
  • Sales teams can explicitly commit deals to recover revenue & increase quota attainment
  • Before submission, automatically get forecasts checked with historical data
  • No-miss forecasts: See anomalies red-flagged in advance

"What is your future performance on the best-selling and high-margin products? How much is the team not cross-selling? How does one team’s forecast compare with another?"

Measure product-level current & future sales

Get a complete picture of pipeline performance by product

Understand pipeline changes by product line, business segment, sales team, sales type or any other way.

Accelerate sales performance with product-level sales insights:
  • See which products sell more, which add-ons are appealing and more likely to sell
  • Examine whether customer behaviors correlate with products or value-selling weaknesses
  • Get data on which kinds of teams (or reps) do better at selling certain products
  • Determine which product margins are blocking quota attainment

RainmakerForce = Maximize sales for any effort
Math + AI + Predictive Analytics

Run it on any CRM or run standalone

Built on millions of customer behavioral data points in B2B Sales

The RainmakerForce system is built from millions of B2B sales situations, expert sales methodologies and advanced data science techniques to help every sales professional in your team, regardless of role, to increase quota attainment.

A Strategic Extension for your CRM

RainmakerForce integrates easily with your existing CRM and always ensures previous quota attainment is never lost.

Transform pipeline management and forecasting into a predictable data-driven science without changing your CRM & existing sales process and without losing any existing quota attainment.

RainmakerForce sits on top of your CRM and helps your team manage sales with a 2-way sync.

  • All data in CRM automatically gets pulled into RainmakerForce
  • The team uses the exclusive power, data and tools in RainmakerForce to drive sales forward
  • Your team’s sales data is seamlessly (and automatically) synchronized with your CRM in real-time
  • Everything you are used to is always in your CRM

No CRM? No problem. Use RainmakerForce built-in CRM

All-cloud partnership with RainmakerForce

Go all the way in with RainmakerForce. RainmakerForce is a full SaaS platform and built on secure standards-compliant infrastructure. It runs on any public or private cloud such as AWS, Google Cloud, GoDaddy etc. and on shared or dedicated VPS.

Built on a proven methodology of “Customer-Driven,” the RainmakerForce Suite provides a native built-in CRM for managing the entire Opportunity-to-Close process, always with 100% transparency: Accounts, Contacts, MQLs, SQLs, CPQ, quotes, contracts, discounts, and everything else you need in sales.

See the unprecedented power of runing sales with Math and AI

See RainmakerForce in action

Find out how you can accelerate your sales predictably with RainmakerForce.

Have questions?

We’re happy to help. The RainmakerForce sales execution expert team is just a click or a phone call away.

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